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EY37 is heavy duty grease with adhesive properties for service in the harsh mill type applications including paper, steel, flour and sugar mills. EY37 is totally water resistant with superior rust and corrosion protection for use in wet atmospheres. The viscous base fluid insures maximum protection in heavy duty applications. EY37 will minimize the influx of bearing contaminants due to its excellent sealing properties within the bearing labyrinth. EY37 is recommended for slow speeds and both bearing and gear use. The adhesive tackiness and shear stable properties of this grease provide prolonged life of parts and extends lubrication cycles. 



• Water Resistant 
• Bearing Sealant 
• High Drop Point 
• Adhesive 
• Long-Life Seal and Gasket Preservation 

CLEAR GOLD Clear Color/Non-Freezing

Designed for low temperature freezer and cold storage applications. The clear, attractive color of this grease makes it suitable for all low temperature jobs where cleanliness is a consideration! Multi-purpose ratings for pressure, speed and temperature. 



• Ideal for refrigeration and cold storage equipment 
• Excellent for Arctic Conditions 
• Pliable Down to -65°F/-54°C 
• Available with PTFE