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EC0121 Mechanical Heavy oil Water-based Cleaning agent

ENIENT EC0121 Mechanical Heavy oil Water-based Cleaning agent is green, non-corrosive oil cleaning agent, specially used for cleaning the stubborn oil, yellow robe, greasy filth of the surface of the machine tool, with excellent permeability, emulsify capasity and the ability to clean tar.
• Widely used for cleaning greasy dirt of mechanical processing, food processing, petrochemical, and maintenance cleaning.
[HANDLING PROCEDURES] Use adequate ventilation. Keep away from open flames/sparks/heat/hot surfaces. Do not smoke when operating. Prohibit cutting, welding, drilling/grinding container or putting it near any ignition point. When transfer material, put it on earth. Avoid eye and skin contact. Do not heat material. For product use instructions, please see the product label. 
[STORAGE PROCEDURES] Store in a cool dry area out of direct sunlight. Keep container closed and store away from water or moisture. Store away from oxidizing materials. Do not expose to temperature extremes as container may rupture.
•The product can be soak washing, scrubbing and spray washing. The product is highly concentrated, it can diluted 5~10 times with water before use. The product should stay on the surface of the object to be cleaned for about 5 minutes. Rinse with clean water and dry the surface after use. It has better effect using ultrasonic cleaning machine when soaking cleaning.
•Operation area should be well-ventilated. Wear filtering equipment in confined space.
•Avoid contact with skin and eyes during operation. Flush with plenty of warm water or normal saline if accidentally splashed into the eye.
•Product should be stored below 50℃.
•Do not burn the abandoned empty cans.
•All disposal activities must comply with state, provincial and local regulations.