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EC0213 Oil Solute

ENIENT EC0213 Oil Solute is a water-based green oil cleaning agent. It has good cleaning performance for the leakage of heavy oil, oil, lubricating oil of the sea and water, and leakage of oil on the ground of oil depot. It can emulsify the surface oil slick or oil pollution quickly, make oil dispersed in the water and is no longer condensed, reduce the oil-water interface tension, to achieve the cleaning effect.
Strong applicability. Easy to use.
Fast cleaning. Has high solubility.
Safe and environmentally friendly. Use environmentally friendly water-based materials with low odor.
Recommended for the effective cleaning of the ocean oil spill, beach oil, and oil on ship, plate, dock.
[HANDLING PROCEDURES]Use adequate ventilation. Avoid contact with eye, skin and clothing. For product use instructions, please see the product label. 
[STORAGE PROCEDURES] Store in a cool dry area out of direct sunlight. Keep container closed and store away from water or moisture. Store away from oxidizing materials. Do not expose to temperature extremes as container may rupture.
•Treatment of ocean oil spill. When the oil layer is thick, the oil is recommended firstly recovered by mechanical method, and when the oil layer is thin, the product can be sprayed directly on the oil surface.
•Treatment of oil pollution of ships, decks and wharves. The product can be diluted 5 times with water and sprayed directly on the contaminated area.
• The dosage of solvent is generally 4-100% of the amount of oil, depending on the degree of oil pollution.
• Operation area should be well-ventilated. Wear filtering equipment in confined space.
• Avoid contact with skin and eyes during operation. Flush with plenty of warm water or normal saline if accidentally splashed into the eye.
• Product should be stored below 50℃.
• Do not burn the abandoned empty cans.
• All disposal activities must comply with state, provincial and local regulations.