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EC0201 Contact Cleaner/Lubricant

EC0201 Contact Cleaner/Lubricant penetrates and flushes away light oils and greases from electrical and electronic equipment. After cleaning, this electrical contact lubricant leaves a thin protective silicone coating.

Non-flammable, non-conductive aerosol cleaner and lubricant designed for critical electrical cleaning challenges. Designed to help make the workplace safer; comply with green initiatives; and cut electrical cleaning challenges down to size. Quickly penetrates and flushes away light oils and greases from sensitive electrical and electronic equipment including: avionics, electro-mechanical devices, electrical contacts, connectors and switches. Effectively removes fluorinated oils and greases. It also leaves a thin protective silicone coating help prevent excessive wear and abrasion.


Leaves Thin Protective Silicone CoatinLeaves Thin Protective Silicone Coating, Removes Dust/Particulates, Removes Light Oils/Greases



·         Cleans and lubricates
·         Non-flammable
·         Excellent plastics compatibility
·         Non-conductive, non-corrosive
·         Low toxicity
·         Low Global Warming Potential
·         Contains No HCFCs, HFCs, nPB or HAPs