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EG1102 One-component Epoxy Structural Adhesive

ENIENT EG1102 is one-component epoxy structural adhesive with high thixotropy and high viscosity, which has no vertical flow during curing. After curing, it has excellent adhesion and mechanical strength, weather resistance, corrosion resistance, temperature resistance, and can resist a certain strength of stress failure. This product is environmentally friendly and complies with ROHS certification.
It is recommended for bonding, fixing, sealing and anticorrosion of metals, plastics, glass, ceramics and hard plastics in mechanical engineering and electronic and electrical components.

Before curing(25℃)
Appearance                                     Black paste
Viscosity(cps)                     2.0×105-4.0×105
Specific gravity(25℃)                             1.5-1.6
Curing time(120℃ h)                            1-1.5
Curing time(160℃ min)                        15-20
Solid content(%)                                    ≥98
Flowability(mm)                               Not flow
Weldability                                                  ≤8
Permissible time(h)                                ≥24

Completely cured(25℃ s)
Hardness(shore D)                                >85
Tensile strength(MPa)                            ≥20
Shear strength(MPa)                              ≥17
Peel strength(N/m)                        ≥5.0×103
Volume resistivity(Ω·cm)                2.0×1016