Retail marketing tactics
We will pay more attention to retail.
This year is set to be a pivotal year for retail. With e-commerce, social media, and changing buyer behavior, retailers were in a state of flux during last year. While it still holds some uncertainty, we now know that several innovations and trends are coming and they’re going to revolutionize retail marketing strategy.
It’s no secret that users are utilizing their smartphones more often and in more areas of their shopping experience than ever before. Shoppers are now using mobile to:
Research products and brands before making a purchase
Compare prices and sales
Search for coupons
Find business location information
Purchase products
Find reviews
We will develop a shopping APP for retail customers and a technical support APP for factory customers.
More investment will be put in for international expansion. We will invest more to expand Chinese marketing. It is good news for Chinese customers because it means that they will be able to buy more ENIENT products and get better service.
We will increase our demand to authorized distributors. At the same time, we are looking for more partners such as competent retailers for expansion of business. If you would like to become a distributor, please fill our form by click here.
Web presence is everything. Establishing a web presence, investing in social media, and utilizing digital marketing are still our 3 keys for retail. This will definitely continue to be the case as establishing a web presence becomes more and more crucial to succeeding.
To be successful, we’ll unify our online marketing efforts with our brick and mortar operations. This includes using social media to both engage with and sell to our customers. Images like this both builds the brand, we will put more attention to note their description. 
Customer services will be the top priority. We will increase chances to provide the appropriate training programs, motivate the sales teams, administrate and standardize the business activities.
Our distributors can get more technical support.