ENIENT attaches great importance to educational cause.

Since April 2009 ENIENT has raised over £21k to champion education in underprivileged communities. We have committed to limiting our administrative expenses to only 5% of our total incoming resources.

E-EDUCATION community planning.
To put it simply, we go into an educational institution that needs help, assess it, talk to teachers and students, talk to the local community, and come up with a medium term program (5-7 years) of projects that:
Enhance the learning experience of the student in the school to give them the best chance of success in their futures.
Sustain the school to make it less reliant on donor funding in the future and also provide employment opportunities to students once the finish and to the local community at large.
We manage all the projects remotely through our two dedicated program teams headed by two directors, holding fortnightly meetings throughout the year with the schools to execute all our projects. We also visit each of our programs at least once a year to assess the change on the ground and also to continue the dialogue with key stakeholders such as the community.

ENIENT Launches the ENIENT ETP Talent Pipeline Educational Program, Announces Grants to Expand Learning and Career Opportunities

“Around the country and in our own industry, we are experiencing a shortage of professionals with the technical skills necessary for our workforce to succeed. The ENIENT ETP Talent Pipeline program seeks to address this challenge by providing students with the resources they need to excel in science, technology, engineering and math-related careers” said ENIENT President and CEO Donald Jeffrey Willson, “ENIENT has long been committed to enhancing ETP-related opportunities for students through college scholarships and support for science fairs, robotic clubs, field trips, mentorships and other hands-on experiences. Now, with the creation of our ETP Talent Pipeline, we are able to unify and formalize this dedication to education and workforce development.”

University of Bath Summer Camp: ENIENT is supporting the development of a new module providing a deeper dive into ETP topics at its Bath Prep summer camp for middle and early high school students.
ENIENT Innovation and Learning Lab at Pontypridd Township High School: ENIENT is enabling the school to construct and develop a new laboratory, providing students and teachers access to state-of-the-art ETP resources and hands-on learning opportunities.

ENIENT Scholarships: ENIENT is awarding scholarships to Pontypridd High School seniors enrolled in EPT degree programs.

Engineers spend £10 pounds on E-TRAIN Program, for company talent training.
We take place Technical Seminar per month. We offer learning opportunities for our outstanding young cadre. We set up various kinds of training course for all staffs.
WHILE YOU ARE HERE We set up E-FUND for cultivating talents,supporting disadvantaged groups,protecting the environment....
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