E-FOUD is used for cultivating talents, supporting disadvantaged groups, protecting the environment.

ENIENT corporate social responsibility initiatives help to improve the quality of life especially for those who feel the severe backlash of poverty. As part of these initiatives, ENIENT implements Sponsorship and Grant Programs for communities in strategic and operational areas.

We understand that we operate by privilege, not right, in the communities we serve. We proactively identify and seek out programs and partners that support the philosophy and priorities of social investment. ENIENT primarily provides support to charitable organizations in the following focus areas:
Energy Assistance
Environmental Protection, Conservation & Restoration
Education and Social Investment

At this time, ENIENT is no longer accepting unsolicited funding requests for sponsorships or grants. ENIENT proactively seeks out community partners that implement programs that closely align with our objectives in our focus areas.

WHILE YOU ARE HERE We set up E-FUND for cultivating talents,supporting disadvantaged groups,protecting the environment....
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