ENIENT proudly shares and endorses the state’s commitment to conserve our natural resources and protect our environment.

ENIENT Environmental Program focuses on a variety of environmental problems, such as Bed Bugs, Las Chinches, Acid Rain, Carbon Footprint, Climate Change, Drinking Water, Facility Compliance, Greenhouse Gas, Radon, Recycling.
ENIENT advocates low-carbon lifestyle for our staffs.
Twenty staffs of ENIENT register for CARDIFF HALF MARATHON 2016. We are proud that three of them completing the marathon.
ENIENT release over 200 bicycles for our staff for free. We also hold an urban road cycling race every 3 months. The route is round trip between Pontypridd and Morganstown. The winner will get a bonus of £500.
ENIENT make great efforts to prevent Plastic pollution.
ENIENT follows the UK Environmental Protection (Maintenance of EU Standards) Bill. The Bill makes provision about the safeguarding of standards of environmental protection derived from European Union legislation, including for water, air, soil, flood protection, and climate change, after the withdrawal of the UK from the EU; and for connected purposes.
ENIENT also holds some green-themed activities such as:
Garbage Collection Weekend
Drinking Water Day
EN Paper-Save Rule
Whilst there is still much work to do to protect our green and blue space, ENIENT have been made great efforts in the protection of our wild world and try to be a pioneer to tackle the pollution and destruction that continues to threaten our environment.
ENIENT’s products do not contain Class I or Class II Ozone Depleting Chemicals, complying with EPA regulations on the use of ozone depleting chemicals. We report our greenhouse gas emissions as part of our annual Directors’ Report every year in complying with the greenhouse gas (GHG) reporting regulation.
WHILE YOU ARE HERE We set up E-FUND for cultivating talents,supporting disadvantaged groups,protecting the environment....
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