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]We are committed to develop our business in Africa, Central & South America, Middle East, Central and South Eastern Asia. Countries of these regions uniquely combine growing demand for high quality chemical accessories with lower level of manufacturing level. There will be more people all over the world is able to buy our products.
Captivating on the skills of our professionals, keeping in mind the requirements of the patrons, we are involved in offering best quality of ENIENT products.
Our products can also be made available in different packaging options to meet more different demand of you.
ENIENT is proud to have served the aerospace industry for over 10 years. From commercial airlines to space shuttles, ENIENT’s adhesives are widely used in aerospace manufacturing. These toughened, engineering glues are used to join vital parts of the aircraft together such as engine components, wing flaps, landing gear doors and internal fittings. ENIENT is trusted to provide secure and impact resistant bonding in an industry where there can be no margin for error. Metal, plastic, wood, glass and rubber are attached with exceptional strength, providing resistance to corrosion, chemicals, thermal shock and extreme temperatures. ENIENT’s aviation lubricants and cabin cleaners have also made great achievement.
Whatever your requirements are, ENIENT has a quality product to meet most maintenance and repair applications. Meeting the needs of customers with high performance products has made ENIENT CHEM a leader in the specialty chemical and adhesive industries.
We value making it better than it is today.
We value continual improvement. We are a learning organization. We are responsible for our own development and helping others to learn, as well. We celebrate our successes, then move on to new heights of achievement. We solicit ideas and solutions from all, and consistently look for ways to progress. We are comfortable with self‐criticism and receiving constructive feedback. We take the time to recognize others who do the same. We endeavor not to repeat mistakes. We value the development of our people in order to enhance their skills and to improve their career opportunities. There is a special moment which occurs right at the point in time where a person gains an insight or new knowledge because of a particularly positive...or negative...event. We are constantly on the lookout for these “learning moments,” because they are the fuel for continual improvement.
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