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EJ0610 instantaneous glue

ENIENT EJ0610 INSTANTANEOUS GLUE is a medium viscosity, one-component cyanoacrylate adhesive, which is cured by reaction with moisture in air. Low odor, no whitening phenomenon, and is environmental and efficient.

· Suitable for adhesion of various materials, such as metal, plastic, rubber, wood, paper, leather and textile materials. Due to a certain degree of fluidity, it can be used for filling, fixing and bonding porous materials and gaps. 

· Fast curing: The curing time is rapid, within 15 seconds at room temperature, and the curing time with ENIENT EJ0905 quick-drying adhesive accelerator is less than 8 seconds. Medium viscosity, simple operation. Low odor, low whitening, environmental protection and does not affect the product appearance.


Appearance fluid
Oder Slight oder
Colour Colorless and transparent
Tack-free time (25℃.1mm) 30min
Curing time(second) 15~20
Relative density(g/cm3) 1.1±0.02
Viscosity(CPS/25℃) 900~1500
Elongation at break % 200~260
Volume resistivity (Ω·cm) ≥3×1014
Breakdown voltage (kV/mm) 18~25