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ENIENT EJ0505 MODIFIED SEALANT BLACK has wide range of uses and stable performance. It has good elongation under -50℃~250℃.

· Suitable for bonding, fixing, sealing, moisture-proof and waterproof of electronic products. 

· Good Applicability: Firmly adhesion of most materials such as metal, glass, ceramic and plastic.
· Mutifunctional: Can be used for bonding, fixing, sealing, filling, waterproof, electrical insulation, etc. 
· Security and Environmental Protection: In the provision of efficient performance, are harmless to the human body and environment.
· Strong Weatherability: It has stable performance under temperature range of﹣50℃~250℃. It has strong  hardy heat-resistant.
· Easy to use: It is not drawing, has moderate liquidity, is easy to operate.

Appearance Semifluid
Viscosity -
Odor Slight odor
Colour Black
Tack-free time (25℃.1mm) 30min
Relative vapor density 3.4(air=1)
Specific gravity 1.0~1.1
Hardness (shore A) 30~38
Flash point(℃) 250
Saturated vapor pressure(kPa) No date
Solubility Insoluble in water
Upper explosive limit%(V/V) No date
Lower explosive limit%(V/V) No date