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ENIENT EL705WH thermal grease has excellent insulation performance, anti-aging performance, waterproof and moisture-proof. It is safety and environmental friendly with relevant environmental protection requirements, stable chemical and physical properties, high viscosity, easy to operate.


· Long service time: keep the paste for a long time at temperature range of -55℃~ to 220℃ without curing.
· Strong applicability: excellent thermal conductivity to any metal and modern plastic products.
· Safety and environmental friendly: while providing efficient performance, it is harmless to human body and the environment and complies with environmental protection standards.
· Easy to use: It fills between the heating element and the cooling device and conduct heat quickly .


· Heat conduction of computer processor CPU and graphics card chip.
· Heat dissipation of high-power circuit, frequency converter and switching power supply.
· Heat dissipation of high-power LED lights, refrigerators, air conditioners and other refrigeration equipment.
· Heat dissipation of heating appliances such as TV, induction cooker and electric oven, etc.


Appearance  White grease
Thermal Impedance 3.35
Dielectric ConstantA(air=1) >4.0
Dissipation Factor 0.005
Thermal Conductivity(W/m·k) 2.0 
Needle Penetration 340-380
Specific Gravity(25℃) 1.8
Viscosity(cps) 68
Oil Permeability(%) ≤0.07
Evaporation Rate (%) ≤0.001
Working Temperature -55℃~220℃


· Clean the contact surface of heating element and cooling device to remove rust, dust and oil.
· Apply EL705WH evenly to the contact surface.
· Make the surface of the heating element and the cooling device closed and fixed.


·  Avoid contact with skin and eyes during operation. Flush with plenty of warm water or normal saline if If accidentally splashed into the eye.
·  Product should be stored in cool, dry, well ventilated place.
·  Do not burn the abandoned empty cans.
·  All disposal activities must comply with state, provincial and local regulations.