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ENIENT EL609 vacuum grease is a synthetic oil and added with high effective additives such as anti-oxidation, anti-rust and structure improvement agent.It has high and low temperature resistance, excellent lubrication sealing ability, and is especially suitable for lubrication and sealing under vacuum and wet conditions.


· Excellent water-proof sealing performance: the lubrication and sealing of the product will not be affected under wet and watery environment.
· Excellent solvent resistance: the presence of solvent will not affect the lubrication and sealing of the product.
· Good dielectric performance: high dielectric strength to ensure the safe use of electrical products.
· Safety and environmental friendly: the formula is safe and environmentally friendly, odorless, harmless to the substrate, and has good adaptability.
· High and low temperature resistance: stable performance at -50 ℃~240℃.
· Easy to use: moderate viscosity, easy to operate.


· Lubrication, shock absorption and damping of various machinery and precision instruments under a wide range of temperature conditions.
· Suitable for lubrication and sealing in the presence of moisture, water, acid, alkali and other chemical materials.
· Insulation, damping, shockproof, dustproof, waterproof, lubrication and sealing of electronic and electrical products.
· Suitable for lubrication and sealing under vacuum conditions.


Appearance Paste
Odor No odor
Colour White
Needle Penetration(0.1mm) 220-250
Relative density(g/cm3) 1
Similar viscosity(Pa·S) 750
Oil separat(%) 0.26
Evaporation loss(%) 1.1
Dielectric strength(V/m) 600
Working Temperature -50~240


· Pretreatment: The substrate surface shall be degreased cleaned and dried.
· Apply grease: evenly apply the product to the area to be lubricated.
· Start: make the two parts of the product to be lubricated move relative to each other, and make the product completely fit the part to be lubricated.


·  Operation area should be well-ventilated. Wear respirator mask in confined space.
·  Clean surface clearly before use. Keep the workplace dry.
·  Avoid contact with skin and eyes during operation. Flush with plenty of warm water or normal saline if If accidentally splashed into the eye.
·  Product should be stored in cool, dry, well ventilated place.
·  Do not burn the abandoned empty cans.
·  All disposal activities must comply with state, provincial and local regulations.