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EY3703 GOLD GREASE is high performance grease specifically formulated for ultra high speed bearing applications. This high purity grease uses a low viscosity synthetic fluid to produce dynamically light lubricating grease. EY3703provides extended protection against corrosion and has high oxidation stability properties. It will eliminate any carbon or varnish deposits and will extend bearing and shaft life. EY3703 offers excellent low temperature pumpability and has a low start and running in torque value, making it desirable for a wide range of precision and miniature bearing applications.



• Small & Miniature Bearings 
• High Precision Bearings 
• Long Life Bearings 
• Miniature Motors 
• Telecommunications & Optical Devices 
• Dental & Medical Equipment 
• Low Noise Level Bearings 
• Textile Machine Spindles 
• Machine Tool Spindles 
• Clutches 
• Starters 
• Low Temperature Automotive Applications.



• Water & Steam Resistant 
• Extended Life Grease 
• High Speed 
• Low Viscosity Base Oil