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EY0401 WATERPROOF GREASE is a fibrous, adhesive compound that resists the wiping and squeezing actions of pins, bushings (plain bearings) and is ideal for anti-friction bearings. Exceptional rust and corrosion protection where water and salt normally destroy bearing lubrication. Good for applications, such as snow plow caster wheels, commercial car washes and laundries. 


• High Shock Load Protection 
• EY0401-SLT for Superior Low Temperature Pumpability 

EY0401-BLUE Tenacious/Extreme Service 

EY0401-BLUE is a lithium complex grease recommended for plain and anti-friction bearings. This adhesive, heavy duty grease is formulated with a high viscosity base oil and a special additive package which insures high film strength and extreme pressure properties. EY0401-BLUE is impervious to water and steam and has a drop point that exceeds 500°F/260°C. Made from high viscosity index base oils and an extremely shear stable lithium thickener. 


• Tacky 
• Attractive Blue Color 
• Extreme Pressure 
• Self-Sealing