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EY0505 HIGE TEMPERATURE GREASE is made with an ENIENT special synthetic oil with materials such as fillers, oiliness improvers and antioxidants. They have greater thermo-oxidative stability and moisture resistance than common mineral oil-based greases, and can be used in a wider range of temperature. EY0505 is specially used in high temperature and high speed conditions. 
Recommended for the effective lubrication and protection of high speed bearings, wheel gear, chain in high temperature.
Features and Benefits
•Hige performance in high temperature range of -50℃-200℃.
•Excellent stress resistance.
•Excellent adhesive capacity.
•Excellent rust-proofing ability.

Physical Property
Appearance  Various color grease
Cone penetration  250      
Drop point 330      
Oil separation %  5      
Work temperature range -50-200      
viscosity Pa·S  -