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EY0511 SUPERHIGH-TEMPERATURE LOW-SPEED GREASE is made with an ENIENT special synthetic oil with materials such as fillers, oiliness improvers and antioxidants. They have greater thermo-oxidative stability and moisture resistance than common mineral oil-based greases, and can be used in a wider range of temperature. EY0511 is applicated for lubrication and protection of bearings in high temperature, high stress,low speed conditions.
Recommended for the effective lubrication of low-speed mechanical part in high temperature and high stress.
Features and Benefits
•Excellent stress resistance and abrasion resisitance .
•Hige performance in superhigh temperature range of -20℃-800℃.
•Long lifetime.

Physical Property
Cone penetration  240      
Drop point ℃ 335      
Oil separation %  5      
Work temperature range ℃ -40-800