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ENIENT EC0130 Neutral safety rust remover has unique formula, no acid, no volatile organic compounds, no harmful gases. The product has excellent rust removal ability, at the same time, it can form a dense anti-oxidation layer on the metal surface, with anti-rust effect. This product will not harm steel, iron, copper, aluminum, other metals and plastic products even if soaked for a long time or repeatedly. It is safety and environmental protection, has very low odor, and very low skin irritation.


· Superior performance: Neutral formula, no damage to all kinds of low carbon steel, iron,
copper, other metals, plastic, rubber and other materials.
· Rust protection: Ability of short-term rust prevention after rust removal.
· Safety and environmental protection: In the provision of efficient performance, are harmless
to the human body and environment.
· Easy to use: Easy to use.


· Widely used for removed rust of all kinds of metal and coating products without damage.

Appearance Fluid
Colour Transparent
Odour Low
Specific gravity 1.0±0.05
Flash point (℃) No
Ignition temperature (℃) No
PH value 6.5~7.0
Work Temperature Room temperature


·  Pretreatment : Remove oil stains and other dirt from parts.
·  Derusting : Immerse the part completely in the EC0130 for 20-30 minutes.
·  Cleaning : After removing the rust, rinse the parts with water and dry them.
·  Rust prevention : Re-immerse the part completely in the EC0130, then remove the part to air dry.
Note: It is necessary to increase the soaking time to strengthen the rust removal effect for the parts with serious rust. The safe formula will not cause damage to the parts even if soaked for a long time.

·  No irritation to skin, but do not touch skin for a long time..
·  Avoid contact with skin and eyes during operation. Flush with plenty of warm water or normal saline if accidentally splashed into the eye.
·  Product should be stored in cool, dry place.