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EP50 INSULATING VARNISH can be applied by brushing, pouring and all customary methods of impregnation i.e. dipping, VPI etc. it should be ensured that wire winding is free from moisture and impurities before application. It can be thinned by thinner for better penetration and economy.


EP50 is suitable for medium and low voltage stator winding of motors, fans field coils, transformer, water pumps and chokes. It is also used for finishing varnish for winding and electrical components. It is widely used by reminders for repairing of motor stators fans and choke winding. Its resistance to hot transformer oil makes it suitable for transformers.


·         Quick air drying, hence quick service to customers
·         Excellent bonding thereby holds the wire tightly
·         Excellent moisture resistance
·         Resistant to hot transformer oil
·         Highly durable insulation
·         Excellent hardness
·         Deep penetration
·         Quick baking