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EC0102 Contact Cleaner 11 oz can, 12 cans per case

EC0102 Contact Cleaner effectively removes light oils, greases, silicones, dust and particulates from sensitive electrical and electronic equipment This spray cleaner is compatible with plastics, is non-flammable

EC0201 Contact Cleaner/Lubricant

EC0201 Contact Cleaner Lubricant penetrates and flushes away light oils and greases from electrical and electronic equipment After cleaning, this electrical contact lubricant leaves a thin protective silicone coating

EC0301 Electronic Degreaser

EC0301 Electronic Degreaser is a strong non-flammable cleaner ideal for removal of heavy oils, greases and handlin

EC0101 Contact Cleaner

EC0101 Contact Cleaner is with unique fomulal which provides a suitable precision cleaner for sensitive electronics and electrical equipment EC0101 is free of water, CFC, and HCFC

EC0102 Contact Cleaner

EC0102 Contact Cleaner is a solvent-based cleaner It is mild, environmental protection, high efficiency

EC0104 Heavy Oil Industrial Cleaner

EC0104 Heavy Oil Industrial Cleaner is a eco-friendly solvent-based cleaner It has a strong cleaning effect on oil, anti-rust oil and curing grease of bearings, equipments surface and pipes

EC0106 Paint Remover

EC0106 Paint Remover for Plastic can remove paint quickly without corrosion It is especially suitable for plastic products, which can quickly peel off most of the organic paint on the plastic surface

EC0107 Carbon Cleaner Water-based Cleaner

EC0107 Carbon Cleaner Water-based Cleaner is recommended used for cleaning the special carbon deposition and dense deposition in high pressure and high temperature

EC0108 multipurpose cleaner

EC0108 multipurpose cleaner is a neutral water - based cleaning agent It is mild, eco-friendly, high efficiency, and is widely used at various metals and other materials

EC0109 Paint Remover for Metal

EC0109 Paint Remover for Metal ,can remove paint quickly and high efficiency